Can anyone help validate? Steve Irwin news.

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in this sub so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this. I’ll happily ask somewhere else!Now, I’m not one for celebrity news, but once in a while a story about a celebrity I like catches my interest. I was in line at Walmart the other day and noticed the front page of one of the gossip magazines had a headline about “breaking news” and “advancements” in the death of Steve Irwin. I didn’t buy a copy, and I didn’t have time to check it out while in line.I decided to google it and came across reports of him possibly being stoned on magic mushrooms while filming for his last time, and that he may have been killed by the drugs and not by the sting ray as commonly cited.The only sources I found on Google are from what I believe are all gossip sites. “National Enquirer”, “Daily Mail”, “Inquisitr”, and “Radar(?)”. The other links I find when I google “Steve Irwin on drugs” or “Steve Irwin Mushrooms” have articles dating back to 2013-2014 about the same thing.The “New” articles mention that investigators are reopening the case, and another autopsy(exhuming?) will be done.I guess what I’m trying to ask is; is this actually a new belief? Is it grounded? I can’t find any reputable (again, I’m not one for celebrity news, so I’m not sure what sites are reliable!) news sites talking about this.RadarOnlineNationalEnquirerGlobeMagazine via /r/celebrities

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