judge doesn’t dismiss bribery allegations against taylor swift as frivolous

i missed a deadline to file a claim statement…i am in LA and will refile vs going back to tucson…this is why i missed the deadline.the claim statements are simple, one or two sentences. i may only start with the stalking by lorde, since that is simple and obvious.Claim Statement Stalking 1. For distress severely limiting my interactions with multiple aspects of society due to Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (a.k.a. Lorde) writing and releasing a stalking song “Team” on the 13th of September, 2013, insinuating death if I discuss the circumstances of this situation. $250 Million dollars.here is a small amount of info that may help to dissuade this is delusional or unfounded:the stalking is a line in lorde’s “Team” insinuating death if i discuss these circumstances. that song is bridged by the unknown singer, making a connection to Lorde’s “Yellow flicker beat” that kanye did a remix on.the unknown sings “you can hear me, i am calling” in reply to the line “she’ll send the call out” in the beginning of “team”the same song by the unknown later has “i’ll bring you a light to remember me by” which was candlelight in “Yellow fb”the same unknown artist had a song “the lucky ones”…taylor swift had “the lucky one” released several months later..the theme is the same in both about not working in the industry.the same unknow in 2010 had “dreaming wide awake”…”wide awake” by katy perry was inspired by thatmy birthday is nov 4 and katy tweeted some gift pics that day via /r/celebrities http://ift.tt/2hmsFMd

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