Katy vs Taylor, Lorde, Demi Lovato…3 of these have stalking songs

This information doesn’t mention Demi’s “Really Don’t Care” is also a stalking song.I tried to submit it to the local police for the CEO of Universal Music and it didn’t go well. I will contact the FBI again, but hope to get some media attention first.Some of you know about some of this already. The spin factory is on everything I do. Where are the lawsuits against me for libel that would ensure my side of the story gets heard?I promoted an unknown artist “Elena Cohen (youtube elenaaaxx)” via Facebook in 2011. I was very successful at bringing in key top notch players of the industry.One of the Facebook postings I made is very relevant to this scenario, “…you must join us though, to conquer and rule the music industry.” I had told the unknown to postpone signing any label contracts as well.Public information and private electronic correspondence with the unknown were used by the artist known as Lorde for her persona and material for her music. She is guilty of intellectual property theft from me for this, the value I will estimate at $250 million.Lorde’s song Team is bridged by one from the unknown called “Lover & Daughter.” This is hard evidence that the song is directed to me and implies death if I discuss these circumstances. “Wait til your announced” is directed to me. “Look upon your greatness and she’ll send the call out” is referring to the unknown artist’s song in which she sings “You can hear me, I am calling” a few times. She later sings “I’ll bring you a light to remember me by” and Lorde’s next release was about a candlelight, “Yellow Flicker Beat.” Lorde’s “Team” is stalking by federal law.Lorde and Taylor Swift have been very close friends in the media. Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” contains the line “Your the king, baby I’m your queen” and stands out for not interacting with any other part of the song. That is related to the mentioned Facebook post. The video qualifies as stalking by federal law.The unknown artist and Taylor Swift have two similar songs, “The Lucky One” is Taylor’s, the unknown’s is a plural version of the same title. Both are about not working in the industry, just sung from different perspectives. The unknown released hers nearly a year before Taylor’s was released.It is also well known Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in a feud. The song I was working on for the unknown was “Dreaming Wide Awake.” Katy’s “Wide Awake” was inspired by this, and some of her music she has since released is related to this scenario. She may provide witness testimony if circumstances permit. Her management may not be willingly cooperative.I was unjustly incarcerated and have substantial circumstantial evidence that my criminal case and defense were corrupted.What has transpired is not a well kept secret in the industry. One video is still on the internet showing Lorde “taking a hobo’s clothes and pretending to be him.” (Key of Awesome “Royals” parody) This was well before the Republic deal, which occurred mid-2015.Similar information is in federal civil case CV-16-0650 TUC RM. I failed to state a claim and didn’t return to Tucson to meet the deadline to do so. Refiling seems wisest after this information is public knowledge.A deal was brokered between Universal Music and Big Machines Records for the acquisition of Republic records. This was after both Big Machine and Lava Records were up for sale after the production and release of the two stalking songs mentioned above. Taylor Swift is on Big Machine and Lorde is on Lava.This deal was made as reward/compensation for “handling business” related to me. I cannot get work with anybody who knows about these events.I am alleging Scott Borchetta and Lucian Grainge are guilty of racketeering. via /r/celebrities http://ift.tt/2kUlEYu

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