Thundergate: Lorde stalking lawsuit CV17-2037

A lawsuit has been filed in United States District Court Central California Western Division, CV17-2037.Introduction I promoted the unknown artist “Elena Cohen” via Facebook in 2011. Public info and private correspondence were used by Lorde for her personna and song material. It was my intention to go against the grain for the success of myself and the unknown. My efforts were noticed by key industry players and the results have not gone in my favor. The stalking song is meant to be intimidating enough to thwart me from bringing truths about this to light.Statement of claimI am presenting hard evidence in this suit that shows these two artists are connected with each other and myself through three songs, “Team,” “Lover and Daughter,” & “Yellow Flicker Beat.” “Lover and Daughter” was posted on Youtube between Lorde’s releases.The “calling out” both of these artists refer to is derived from a Facebook posting referencing Michael Murphy’s “Wildfire” in which one of the subjects calls out to a lost horse.Cause of action for Lorde’s stalking is presented in the lyrics for “Team” in Exhibit 1A.Exhibit 1 A – Lorde’s “Team” lyrics B – Elena Cohen’s “Lover and Daughter” lyrics C – Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” lyrics D – Screenshots of Lorde’s release dates E – Screenshot of Elena’s posting dateI am including some of the information presented in an Arizona suit as supplemental for simplicities sake.Claim Statement Stalking 18 U.S.C. 2261AFor distress, trauma, and confusion severely limiting my interactions with multiple aspects of society due to Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (a.k.a. Lorde) writing and releasing a stalking song “Team” on the 13th of September, 2013, insinuating death if I discuss the circumstances of this situation. $100 Million dollars.Supplemental I have since received slight consultation since statement in Exhibit 5. Evident consultation was inadequate was the ommision of a necessary claim statement for Arizona district court.Exhibits previously submitted are included with this complaint to add legitimacy/breadth/depth to my claim.Memorandum I respectfully request the court waive any grace period in the event my complaint is insufficient enough to proceed. I still do not expect adequate legal counsel for the time being and will remain unaware of any deficiencies.I also respectfully request the court to dismiss my case without prejudice, if it comes to that, due to such unusual and peculiar circumstances that prevent me from receiving proper counsel until the subversive elements related to this are exposed.I request the statue of limitations against Lorde’s infraction be tolled based on the facts that she has been out of the country for a significant amount of time, my unjust incarceration at the time of the infraction, and distress and trauma related to unusual and peculiar circumstances that have made proper mental therapy unrealistic so far and preventing me from addressing the legality of this situation until recently.Newer information will bring racketeering allegations against the CEO’s of Universal Music Group and Big Machine Records. There was a deal made for the Nashville division of Republic Records after the fact and with both parties well aware of the infraction(s). via /r/celebrities

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