What are the people pictured next to celebrities in their yearbook photos doing today?

I know this is a long shot but it’s something I have wanted to know for quite a while. I’ve always been curious what the people surrounding celebrities in their old high school yearbook photo are currently doing. I think there is a subconscious thought that the people pictured next to any particular celebrity will have to also live a “celebrity” lifestyle of some sort, yet there is no real expectation of that person actually being a celebrity. For example, here is a photo of Steve Carell in high school. I am curious as to what Darryl Chalk is up to? Has anyone here ever been that person pictured next to anyone famous and if so, who are you pictured next to and what are you up to this many years later? Have you gotten questions from strangers somewhat expecting your life to be similar to the person you are pictured next to?http://ift.tt/2owha9R via /r/celebrities http://ift.tt/2n0oRIh

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